The Sales Performance Journey...

Your journey to sales success...


The Technology Alliance’s Sales Performance Journey provides partners with a structured roadmap along a tried and tested route to sales success.  Developed as a practical approach and based upon the experience of real field engagements the roadmap defines the nature, aims and deliverables of the partnership.

The Sales Performance Journey takes a tech company on a journey they can join or leave at any stage.  Each of the five stages – known as the Five Ps – provides a tech firm with discrete value that naturally leads to the next stage and ultimately, after the fifth P, to a successful sale.

The Five Ps are...


Ponder; Portfolio Evaluation - An initial assessment stage, normally undertaken as a facilitated workshop, to assess and validate the available product portfolio to ensure it is best aligned with the prevailing market opportunity.


Prepare; Strategy Review - Often undertaken with the prior stage this further investigates how the solution is being sold today and if these channels are most appropriate for the product and the prevailing market.


Plan; Sales Planning - Leading on from the prior two stages and the Plan stage leverages industry recognised techniques to help define the addressable market for each product, the pragmatic target market, what is achievable and how it is to be achieved.


Permit; Sales Enablement - A preparatory stage the Permit stage builds the necessary readiness to execute in the market including account plan development, sales readiness and sustainable pipeline development activities.


Prosecute; Sales Execution - The Prosecute stage covers all aspects of sales execution whether undertaken by the partner directly having completed the necessary preparation, with the assistance of the Technology Alliance acting as a virtual sales function of the tech firm’s own team.