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Training and sales prospecting...

Sustainable and repeatable opportunity development...

A core element of the Sales Performance Journey is the art attracting sufficient interest from prospective buyers; filling the sales pipeline.

To help growing businesses with this challenge The Technology Alliance offers a one or two day training programme – the Sales Prospecting System - to deliver a robust, consistent and proven approach to identifying prospective customers and building sales pipeline.

The Sales Prospecting System is a research-based approach to identifying latent opportunities in existing or prospective customers and creating pipeline abundance.  Relevant to any outbound technology sales operation the system provokes prospects from latent to active pain, increases the potential for success during prospecting campaigns and institutionalises the practice of aggressive outreach into target accounts.

Typically delivered as a one or two day training course the system ensures delegates have an increased focus on long-term pipeline whilst cultivating a hunter mentality.

The system is not a selling methodology but compliments any methodology already in use and takes themes and concepts from solution and diagnostic selling techniques and approaches.


During the course delegates will be encouraged to apply hands-on some of the skills and methods they will learn under the mentorship of the programme leader and with the team support of other attendees.  The course content leverages the concept of research and analysis and using available data sources to ensure robust preparation.  Fundamentally, however, at the heart of the programme is the execution of a repeatable ongoing system of outbound prospecting that delegates can readily apply to their normal working environment.


Organisations using this rigorous approach to sales prospecting will see an increase in the size and quality of their qualified sales pipeline as a consequence.